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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Difficult Path to Peace

Storm clouds still
darken the horizon

All's quiet on the eastern front here in Santa Cruz this morning, but big problems still loom in thebackground.
As of this moment two large contingents of pro-MAS campesinos are still intending to march on the city of Santa Cruz. We will track this situation, and update the weblog when we get further information.
Also, we should have stressed more in our previous posting that the agreement announced Tuesday night is a preliminary accord, with the details to be worked out in meetings that will begin today in Cochabamba. And, as always, the devil is in the details.
Adding to the tension in Cochabamba is the expected arrival there today of a contingent of tin miners. These are a particularly rabid group of MAS supporters, known for being rock 'em, sock 'em guys. They like to toss sticks of dynamite around as they march, as if they were firecrackers.
In any event the mood of euphoria that prevailed yesterday, when the newspaper El Deber was suggesting that September 16 might become a hallowed day in the Bolivian calendar because of the "peace agreement," has largely evaporated.
Further bulletins as they are received.


Sayubu said...

Thank you for a clear view of what is going on in Bolivia and Santa Cruz. I am sure that you, more than anyone, understands what "cambas" are currently fighting for: a better and more developed way of life for everyone in Bolivia. said...

Hi David,

Bolivia has its 9+ million population waiting for any word of the Cochabamba talks between pro and anti govt. leaders:

Its incredible that the Bolivian president on the brink of civil war takes a break (today Friday) from these historic meetings to fly to Panamá and receive a so called "distinction" at a Panamá University.

The peasants surrounding Cba and Scz are not there for comfort. Scare tactics.

Hopefully the reps from the UN, ONU, and Catholic Cardinal at these meetings in Cba help produce a "miracle" in order to avoid an inevitable clash.

God be with the Pando governor in La Paz jail if he's innocent. Especially if he's guilty.