This weblog was created to provide a fuller and more accurate picture of the current situation in Bolivia. Our principal effort to try to pull things together and place them in proper perspective is the penultimate post below, titled "Main Story."

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

E-mailed comments

"Detailed Description"

Hi David,
Thanks for sharing your excellent and detailed description of the current state of affairs in Bolivia, and how it came to be. The section the “polyglot upper class” offers hope that Morales and his followers will somehow acknowledge that the issues cannot be about righting the wrongs of the past but about living in peace and getting on with facing the chronic issues of education and poverty.
All the best,
Phil Behr
Philadelphia, Pa.

"Excellent Summary"

David & Kelly—

Bravo! An excellent summary, which I have forwarded to several friends.
A lawyer from LaPaz tells me that the structure of the autonomía referendum is illegal but that only the Constitutional Court can decide that. And the Constitutional Court does not have a quorum because MAS can’t get its people in and because there are other issues that Evo does not want the Court to decide.
With somewhat less substance, I have heard Cruceño businessmen speculating that the department and the national government may try to collect the same taxes twice if autonomía succeeds. In other words, folks would be forced to pick sides. Interesting theory, but farfetched, I think.
All the best.
Charlie Marshall
Pottstown, Pa.


congrats are in order
as the chinese say, may you live in interesting times!
as these are.
stay tuned,...
Richard Fisher
La Paz, Bolivia

"Major help"

David and Kelly,
This is great! I've posted a message on your blog, though you might miss it, because it's at the bottom of your May 1st posting. It was a major help to understand what's going on in Bolivia right now. I hope civil war doesn't erupt before June 6th!
Barbara Pence
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Thanks for letting me know"

Dear David and Kelly,
thanks for letting me know about your blog and for setting it up. I look forward to reading about what is going on.
The American press never seems to fail in mis-interpreting some aspect of reporting in foreign lands.
I hope all is well.
Much love,
Kim Reid
Los Angeles, Calif.

"Keep updates coming"

Dear David and Kelly,
For two neophyte bloggers, you sure are good! And it was good to hear from you -- but what a mess. Please keep the updates coming and know we are wishing you and many of your neighbors well.
Best to you both,
Mary G. Gregg
Philadelphia, Pa.

“Enjoyed It”

Dear Kelly and David,
Thanks so much for sending me this. I thoroughly enjoyed it! So well done! I only wish it would be publiished in the US/Europe. Keep it coming!
Jeanne Johnson
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

“So fresh and sincere”

Dear Kelly & David
I called you this afternoon to congratulate you with all my heart for the splendid idea of launching the blog of the "Santa Cruz Perspective."
Loved your article, so fresh and sincere, and it made me proud of being your friend. You show more commitment with this land than many others that are born here.
Autonomía, Damn it!
Jorge Orias Herrera
Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Jim Breiner said...

Love the blog. isn't it a great way of communicating around the world? Saves on postage stamps and you get to include pictures. Congratulations on your first edition.
Jim Breiner, Baltimore (formerly of Santa Cruz)

Jorge Harriague U said...

David & Kelly,
I just learned about the blog, visited it and read your article. There is nothing better and more useful than objective and impartial educated information, that is what I have found in the article. Hopefully, thousands of people interested in Bolivia will be able to read it and learn from it, so they can spread some educated information around the globe and do a lot of good to this country and Bolivians all around. Given the range of absurdity and stupidity of the current Government's media theatrics, it is encouraging to find descent and honest "foreingers" who love this country and who understand the real issues behind these turbulent times we live. Many thanks and keep it up.
Jorge Harriague U.
Santa Cruz